Show Affiliations

To: All Show Secretaries

If you are considering holding Dartmoor Pony Classes at your show you may apply to the Dartmoor Pony Society to affiliate so you can award Dartmoor Pony Society special rosettes to the highest placed Dartmoor pony, Dartmoor Class winners, and the Champion Dartmoor Pony both in Hand and Ridden.

All Shows who affiliated in 2016 will be sent affiliation forms early January 2017.

Acknowledging the very hard economic climate that all shows in 2017 will have to operate in, it has been decided that on the web site, which will be regularly updated, to include a list of all shows who affiliate to the Dartmoor Pony Society in 2017. This will hopefully assist shows and increase entries.

For those Secretaries considering affiliating for the first time please find below the requirements for affiliation.

Please Note: If Your show has more than one class for Dartmoor Ponies only you must use a Dartmoor Pony Society Panel Judge.

Dartmoor Pony Society Special Rosettes

A Dartmoor Pony Society Special Rosette may be awarded to the best pony registered in the Dartmoor Pony Society Stud Book (FULLY REGISTERED or SUPPLEMENTARY REGISTERED Dartmoor pony) shown by an exhibitor who is a member of the Dartmoor Pony Society and has a current membership card, in any of the following classes:

In-hand Rosettes
In-hand classes for Dartmoors only. ONE IN-HAND rosette may be awarded per class. In-hand Mixed M&M.
Championship Rosettes
Two or more classes restricted to Dartmoors only.
Foal Rosettes
Foals eligible for registration in the Dartmoor Pony Society Stud Book.
Ridden Rosettes
Ridden classes for Dartmoors only.
Ridden classes for Mixed M&M;
First Ridden; Lead Rein; Special RDA classes.
Performance Rosettes
Working Hunter Ponies, Handy Hunter, Hunter Trials, One Day Events, Dressage. Gymkhana - Championship only.
Driving Rosettes


For all enquiries, Affiliation forms or queries regarding the Show Affiliations or for any other matter regarding the Dartmoor Pony Society please contact:

Miss Ann Rigby
Low Dykes Cottage
Dykes Lane
Lealand Conyers
01524 720805

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